White Tiger rods are made exclusively for Out of the Blue Tackle.  We started selling only single piece White Tiger rods, which we still do stock along with our new range of Super Cast White Tiger fishing rods in single piece and  3 and 4 piece Travel  rods.

The new Super Cast White Tiger are fitted with a revolutionary new guide system.  The American Tackle Microwave Guide system will improve your casting.  The Microwave runners allow you to cast 26% further with less effort. Improve the balance and weight of the rod.

Freight costs are the reason why we designed our 3 and 4 piece White Tiger Travel Rods. Our White Tiger Travel rods have been  designed to be sent by Australia Post which is much more cost effective than a courier. We designed the 3 and 4 piece White Tiger rods so that they perform the same as the single piece White Tiger with the convenience of easy storage and transport.

We do not put the single piece rods on our web site because of the difficulty of freight.  The costs of freight can very dramatically according to where in Australia you live.  If you are interested in a single piece White Tiger rod please call us and we will see what we can do.


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