White Tiger Travel Supreme Spin Rod

Swimbait Rods

Out of the Blue Tackle have their own designed and manufactured White Tiger Swimbait rods which encompass the latest in state of the art technology and manufacturing processes to bring the future in Fishing Rods.

The very core of these rods are developed using latest nanotechnology, and the end result is a Fishing rod that is feather light with a slightly stronger and more ridged tip for casting larger lures and swimbait lures.

This 6’7” fishing rod delivers greater accuracy with the slightly longer rod and stiffer tip to make sure that cast that lure right into the spot the fish are sitting. Tests have shown these rods are able to hold weights in excess of 20kg, and all that from a 2kg to 4kg class.

In addition to the technology that is built into these rods they are also fitted with the latest surround hold reel seat mounting systems to give you a seamless transition between reels when you are out fishing. The fittings are large enough to grip easily, even when your hands are wet. Aluminium construction and large enough to get your hand around means you will never have to tighten the reel down while you are fighting that fish.

All these features also come together in the versitile 3 piece rod known as a travel rod and also a swimbait rod that you can take anywhere with you. You will never miss an opportunity with either the Spinner bait or Bait cast rods packed in your luggage next time you take a trip away.

Boats are synonymous with not having much storage room but there is no need to worry when you have these rods packed in their case tucked into the storage compartments in your boat.

The world leading guides on these rods are able to handle a number of different line classes and fishing line types.

White Tiger spinning Rod

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